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Posts and Pages are the primary contents of the WordPress website. Below is a list of difference between the two.


  • Blog entries or articles that are updated on a timely basis
  • Can be assigned tags or categories to allow readers to find related posts
  • Multiple posts can be viewed in one page
  • Listed in reverse chronological order on your blog’s home page
  • Archived based on month and year
  • Can be syndicated through RSS feeds (newsletters or email subscription)
  • Have a built-in commenting feature
  • Can use the Social Media sharing plugin


  • Used for static contents and timeless entries (not tagged on the page with time and date)
  • Typically included in the site's navigation menu
  • Not included in RSS feeds
  • Does not usually include the Social Media sharing options (unless manually added)
  • Does not allow comments
  • Hierarchical by nature; you can have sub pages within a main page, and allows you to organize pages and assign a custom template