When you can add photos to the Media Library but not edit or update the Photo Gallery, you need to check on the permission set on your WordPress User Account.

    Below is the description for each role.
  1. Administrator - has access to all administration functions in every area of the site
  2. Editor - can create and publish posts and pages, as well as edit other user's posts
  3. Author - can create and publish their own posts
  4. Contributor - can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them. They can only submit their posts for review.
  5. Subscriber - can only manage their profile and read content
Only an Administrator has the ability to make changes to the Photo Gallery. In case you do not have the permission to edit, you can send your photos to us and we will upload it for you. 

You can contact us or click on the Submit a Request link at the top right of this page. Please include on the Subject Field - [Website Name] Update photo on Photo Gallery/